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Monday, June 27, 2016

Boston Harborfest 2016

Join Boston's Huge Independence Day Celebration!
Boston Harborfest, the largest Independence Day festival in the United States, celebrates Boston's colonial, Revolutionary War, and maritime history and heritage with fireworks, entertainers, historical reenactments, music, Harbor cruises, walking tours, and Chowderfest - plus a lot more!

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

The Consequences of Probation Violation.

It doesn’t take much.  You or a loved one has been released on probation and you feel free again.  Keep in mind that probation is just what it says it is - and you are on a short leash.  The first thing that must be done in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts is to sign a probation contract.  These are the terms and conditions that the judge has set and are NOT open to much if any interpretation.

A typical charge, for example, is possession of a controlled substance.  In a situation such as this a person may be ordered to submit to frequent random drug tests and be drug free at every one of them.  Now if you play fast and loose with this caveat and test “dirty” you may now be subject to extended probation or even jail time!

The idea of probation is to give someone the opportunity to atone for being convicted without doing jail time.  You cannot take this opportunity lightly.  If you or a loved one has been served with an initial surrender notice for violating probation you need to act quickly.  Contact Salem Massachusetts probation violation attorney Paul R. Moraski at (978) 744-1200.

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Summertime Means More Teenage Crime.

With teenagers out of school the incidence of juvenile crime will probably be on the rise in Massachusetts.  Are you aware that in the Commonwealth you only need to be 17 years old to be tried as an adult?  It may not seem fair, but that is the law.  And, here is an eye-opener…even kids UNDER the age of 17 may be tried as an adult for more serious crimes.

When someone is accused of a crime and they are only in their teens the first and foremost concern should be for their future.  Messing up at an early age does NOT have to be an indictment of a career criminal.  Young people who have been accused have their whole lives in front of them and protecting their criminal record is tantamount.

Attorney Paul R. Moraski knows this.  His primary concern for his juvenile clients is to preserve their dreams of attending college and being a productive member of society.  If you have a teenager in your life who has been arrested count on Boston juvenile crime defender Paul Moraski to defend your kid vigorously.  Call him today and discuss your situation at (978) 744-1200.