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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

A Competent Attorney Who Understands The Intricate Massachusetts Drug Laws

Drug possession is a serious charge that can create a ripple effect that haunts you for a lifetime. Whether trying to gain employment, housing and or financing, a drug charge can undo all of those possibilities making life extremely difficult.

If you are facing drug charges in the State of Massachusetts there are a few things you should know...

In Massachusetts, a conviction for any drug charge, even "simple" possession, will automatically result in a 1 year loss of your driver's license, and potentially jail time. The collateral effects of a drug conviction are far reaching, as it will automatically bar you from ever obtaining certain licenses. For example, you can never obtain a Massachusetts liquor license to own a bar or restaurant, and you can forget about owning a gun.

Those are startling realities. Facing it alone will guarantee that all previously mentioned scenarios will come to fruition. The State does not go lightly on drug offenders. If it is your first offense, you will still need a competent attorney who understands the intricate Massachusetts drug laws. If you are convicted of a first offense, having no other drug-related convictions or felonies on your record, for possession of more than one ounce of marijuana, or for possession of a class E substance,( say, more than an ounce of marijuana) you are entitled to probation (no jail time). That’s the best scenario you can expect going it alone. We will fight to reduce if not eliminate the charges altogether. Your future shouldn’t go down the drain because of a couple of mistakes made.