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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Mistakes Happen... At Your Expense.

Mistakes Happen... At Your Expense.

If you have been convicted of a crime and sentenced, what are your options? Do you simply accept your fate as the jury sees it or do you appeal to a higher court. If you've hired us, then the latter is the answer.

"To err is human..." also exists in the confines of a courtroom. Many cases from the time of arrest to sentencing can be fraught with human error. That's why we appeal.
A higher court can uncover the misgivings of the lower court. It can review and correct mistakes that were made. Mistakes that cost you your freedom. Something as simple as a mishandling of evidence to something even more underhanded; tampering with evidence by Prosecutors and or Police. While we don't want to think that there is corruption in our justice system, we would be remiss if we didn't acknowledge the startling number of incarcerations our country boasts compared to other nations. Are we more criminally inclined or are we more inclined to label someone a criminal?
If you have been convicted of a crime in The State of Massachusetts and you wish to appeal, Attorney Paul Moraski is ready to take your call.

Monday, September 8, 2014

Why Go To Trial?

Often times, the Prosecutor, D.A, Judge, and all persons involved, want to expedite a criminal case by offering up a plea deal. We've all seen it on any given TV law drama, but we all ask the same thing... If they are so adamant about their innocence, why not go to trial?

If only it were that simple. Often times, along with the Prosecutor, D.A, Judge and Police, even a Defense Attorney will want to strike a deal.

If a plea bargain is what you want, so be it. We can accommodate that. If an aggressive trial attorney who is willing to fight for you in a court of law is what you want, you needn't look beyond. We aren't afraid to go to trial. We welcome it. Attorney Paul Moraski will familiarize himself and his staff with every fine detail of your case. Available 24/7, Attorney Moraski is thorough and steadfast and will not rest until justice is on your side.

Don't let the State, Prosecutors, D.A., Police or even your attorney decide your fate without your input. Call us today for a team that is willing to go the distance to fight for you.