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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

What Does Chemist Annie Dookhan's Arrest Mean For Your Case?

Friday, September 28, chemist Annie Dookhan was arrested for falsifying drug tests results. Her actions resulted in countless convictions of people whose freedom depended on the accuracy of these tests. Her arrest has led to the closing of a Massachusetts State lab where she worked for nine years.

Attorney General Martha Coakley said in a news conference, "Annie Dookhan's alleged actions corrupted the integrity of the entire criminal justice system." She went on to add, "There are many victims as a result of this."

Following Dookhan's arrest, roughly 20 defendants have been released while their attorneys challenge the drug charges against them. During Dookhan's nine year career, she tested more that 60,000 drug samples pertaining to 34,000 defendant's cases. Many more defendants are expected to be released in the future.

Dookhan told state police that on occasion she would add cocaine to a negative sample in order to falsify a positive result. She also said that she would take roughly 20 samples and rather then testing them all, only test about five and then list them all as positive. Dookhan forged her co-worker's signatures and lied about having a master's degree in chemistry. State officials found 1,141 defendants who are currently serving time as a result of Dookhan's testing.

Governor Deval Patrick said that people currently incarcerated will be the state's first priority. That will be followed by people who have already served sentences and people awaiting trial. The problem is that the State is not going to do anything for your case or your loved one’s case without his or her attorney pushing for a New Trial, Stay of Execution (whether post conviction or after plea) or a looking into the discovery process after or before a conviction.

Attorney Paul R. Moraski is currently working dozens of cases because of these falsified drug results. Attorney Moraski is taking the approach that any case involving Annie Dookhan is tainted and warrants a new trial. Attorney Moraski is currently filing on the behalf of clients: Motions for a New Trial, Stays of Execution and Motions for Post Conviction Discovery.

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