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Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Boston Event Calendar for May 2016

Boston Event Calendar for May 2016
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Check the Boston Event Calendar for May 2016 for fun things to do as spring arrives.  Boston bursts into bloom, and you'll want to be outside soaking up the sun.

Monday, April 18, 2016

Motorcycle Vehicle Crimes in Massachusetts.

Just because you are involved in a traffic offense with a motorcycle does not minimize the exposure.  In the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, a motor vehicle crime of any kind may be charged as a misdemeanor AND a felony.  That’s right…both!  Now we are talking not only about the suspension of your license, but potential jail time as well.

Once there is a court conviction it is too late to turn back the clock.  The Registry of Motor Vehicles or (RMV) will automatically suspend your driver’s license.  Now you are faced with taking public transportation which may cost you your job and certainly disrupt your family.  The process moves quickly when you are involved in a motorcycle related accident.

Whichever side of the incident you may be on it is imperative to contact an attorney immediately.  Massachusetts motorcycle crime attorney Paul R. Moraski is standing by to hear the particulars of your case.  Whatever else you may think, do not consider this just a misdemeanor until you have talked to Attorney Moraski.  Call him immediately at (978) 744-1200.

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

What is a Felony in Massachusetts?

By definition a Felony in Massachusetts is a charge that carries a potential penalty of incarceration in a State Prison, as opposed to just Jail, which is often referred to as a House of Correction sentence.  Please note that a crime remaining at the district court level DOES NOT mean that it is only a misdemeanor.  Many people may believe that a case has to have been “bumped” to superior court to be a felony.  That is not necessarily the case.

Let us use larceny as an exception to the rule.  In Massachusetts, a larceny over $250 is considered a felony.  You would think that this automatically carries a five year sentence.  However, more often than not the jurisdiction is confined to district court.  In that particular case the maximum sentence diminishes to two and a half years.

A felony committed anywhere in the Commonwealth can be a very complicated matter.  You need a strong, experienced Boston felony defense attorney to sort it out for you.  That man is attorney Paul R. Moraski.  He has been defending clients against felony and other criminal charges for many years.  Call him today to discuss your case at (978) 744-1200.