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Monday, June 15, 2015

Armed Robbery

With summer often comes a spike in armed robbery as more people are traveling around the greater Boston area.  This is a very serious crime.  In Massachusetts armed robbery carries a maximum sentence of life in prison.  Did you know that you can be charged with this offense without actually having a weapon on your person?  The mere mention of a possible weapon may bring with it a maximum charge.

If someone invades a home in the Commonwealth it is known as armed burglary or armed home invasion.  This crime also carries a maximum penalty of life in prison.  In Massachusetts there are constitutional safeguards that allow a skilled criminal attorney to suppress an improper identification of the assailant.  It is also important to know that there are very specific procedures that the police must follow to properly search and seize the weapon in question.

Obviously armed robbery is an extremely serious accusation.  You need an extremely skilled Massachusetts criminal defense attorney with years of experience in criminal court.  If you or someone you know has been accused of armed robbery contact attorney Paul R. Moraski immediately at (978) 397-0011.  In a case like this every second counts!

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Gold coins reported missing from Boston Public Library

An Adversarial Justice System.

Do you know what an adversarial justice system means?  Well, you need to because your future freedom may depend on it.  Let’s say that you are accused of a crime.  You KNOW that you are innocent and you have never been charged with anything prior.  So maybe you think that the judge and the prosecutor will not pursue the case with the same vigor that they would if you were a hardened criminal.  Absolutely NOT!  In Massachusetts ONLY your criminal defense attorney will advocate on your behalf.

Attorney Paul Moraski will help you navigate through the turbulent waters of the Massachusetts justice system.  The prosecutor’s job is to win the case against you even if you are the nicest most innocent person on earth.  Beware because many attorneys are afraid of litigation.  They worry more about their own reputation of perhaps losing a case.  You need a defense attorney who actually loves the trial process and doesn’t shirk his one and only duty…making sure that you are cleared of any and all charges.

Talk to Paul Moraski today.  Get a feel for his exuberance in helping you maintain your freedom.  There are plenty of innocent people doing jail time because of poor representation.  Attorney Paul Moraski may be reached by calling (978) 397-0011 or visit his website at www.northofbostonlaw.com.