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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Outstanding Warrants Can Greatly Inhibit Your Everyday Life

The long arm of the law isn't just an expression. It's a reality that people find themselves in the grip of, daily. Literally and figuratively.

Say you have an outstanding warrant for something as small as failing to appear in court for a small traffic violation. Now, you have a warrant out for your arrest. Is the SWAT team going to come bursting through your window like the Kool-Aid Man to bring you to justice? Unlikely, (unless you have a felony warrant.)

What is likely is that you are going out to dinner or picking a friend up from the airport when you are pulled over by a cop for a small violation. When they run you through the database for wants and warrants and your name comes up, you will be arrested and booked. Your friend will have to get a ride and your dinner will get cold. If it's Friday, you'll likely spend the weekend in jail until Monday morning. Suddenly things just got very serious. Your first order of business is to remain silent and call us. Attorney Paul Moraski has a deeply knowledgeable understanding of all aspects of criminal law. 

An outstanding warrant can inhibit your ability to do just about anything, not to mention the psychological burden it causes whenever you see a police officer.
Don't live on the lam. Free your mind of having to look over your shoulder or having to squirm whenever you hear a siren. Attorney Paul Moraski is standing by, ready to listen to your side, and fight for you.

Monday, October 13, 2014

A Misdemeanor is No Small Charge

Any brush with the law can leave lasting effects. Often times we think a petty charge or a misdemeanor are easily beaten. Maybe a slap on the wrist, a fine and a stern talking to. That isn't always the case. In fact, that isn't usually the case.
Though most misdemeanors won't involve jail time, they are no less stigmatic on your record. Whether you are trying to procure employment, residence, credit, etc. The lasting repercussions can be like an untreated wound.
Even in the case of misdemeanors, having an aggressive attorney who is willing to go the distance and fight for you could be the determining factor in the preservation of your reputation. Should employers, landlords, creditors, et al, see a misdemeanor charge on your application or resumé, rest assure they won't ask about what happened because they've already heard enough.
Don't be stigmatized by a mistake and certainly don't underestimate the power of a misdemeanor charge. Call us today for a consultation. (978) 744-1200.